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Sisterhood is, without a doubt, central to Alpha Phi.

We bond together. When new members are welcomed into our family they are immediately matched with a Big Bear – an Alpha Phi senior there to help them through their first year and serve as a loving role model. Later an arguably even closer connection is made when one is matched with their Big - there to inspire, mentor, and just to hang out and eat froyo with. Additionally, we are proud to be the only sorority on campus to offer an academic Scholarship Big and Little relationship to guide sisters through their major at MIT. These Alpha Phi friendships last a lifetime.

We relax together. Sisterhood events, carefully planned by our hard-working Sisterhood Committee, give us a chance to take a well-deserved break from MIT with fun activities. Sometimes it’s tie-dyeing on the Esplanade near the Alpha Phi house, other times enjoying sushi and sweet treats while watching movies in the cozy confines of our chapter room. In the fall, sisters look forward to traditions including a spooky Halloween get-together and a huge Thanksgiving potluck dinner with plenty of Martinelli’s.

We celebrate each other. In weekly chapter meetings we nominate “Fit Phi of the Week” to appreciate all our athletes and sisters staying healthy, “Smarty Pants” for academic achievement of all kinds, and “Sister of the Week” for any other outstanding accomplishments. At the end of the school year seniors are celebrated with a week of family line gift giving. At the end of the week they receive letters from sisters that got to know and appreciate them throughout the years and have a special senior event with only their Alpha Phi class.

Above all, we support each other. The concept of Watchcare, part of our core Alpha Phi values, encourages support through the highs and lows of life.

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